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We’re an enthusiastic group of individuals based in Perth brought together by a common passion, to help assist new riders in getting road time.
Which in turn will enable new riders to pass on their knowledge when the time comes. 


Long sleeve and short sleeve T-Shirts for both Women and Men from S-2XL.

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Common Questions

How many learners can a shadow take?

No actual limit, as many as the shadow feels confident with. As long as the Shadow is able to see and safely direct the learners.

Can a learner carry a pillion?

Yes, a learner is able to carry a pillion. While legal it is not encouraged as a learner does not normally have the necessary skills to be able to control the bike if something were to happen.

Do I need my own communications device(Intercom) for lessons or my test?

No, your instructor/accessor will provide comms for you.

What are some of the requirements for licenses?

Hazard Perception Test (HPT) must be completed before you can sit the Practical Driving Assessment (PDA).
2 years between obtainment of RE-R class licenses.

Can I legally modify my bike as a learner?

No, your bike must be in showroom form if inspected by police.

How long before I can shadow?

You must hold the license you plan to shadow for a period of 4 years before you can shadow that class.
Obtain RE license wait 4 years to shadow RE, if you gain R class after 2 years of RE then you need to wait a further 2 years to shadow RE and 4 years to shadow R class.

Do I need to display L plates?

Yes, by law you need to show L plates on both the rear and front of the motorcycle. The rear can be shown by wearing a vest displaying L plates.

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